Our Culture

We have assembled a team of experienced leaders who continue to seek new

challenges. We are fortunate enough to have achieved enough success in our careers that we can work because we want to – not because we have to.

As a result, we seek opportunities that allow us to promote products and services that we truly believe in and that provide benefits beyond the customer value. Solar energy - and in particular community solar - is such a product.

Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction with both the sales process and the product. And we firmly believe in rewarding our employees for their contribution to that goal. Conducting ourselves in an ethical and professional manner is our number one priority. Our experience has shown us that success always follows if you abide to that philosophy. 

Our Values

  • Integrity before profits


  • Contribute to achieving zero greenhouse gas emission goals

           for electric generation


  • Reward for performance not politics

  • Have fun doing what we do

  • Balance work and play

What We Do

Community solar is one of the best kept secrets in renewable energy, but E3 is working to change that. Community solar allows everyone - home owners, businesses, and renters - to "go green" and save money in the process. It is truly the best program to advance environmental justice and to democratize solar energy. 

At E3 we work with solar farm developers to connect them with residents and businesses interested in subscribing to one of their projects. If you're interested in reducing your electric bill and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contact us to learn more.