How does Community Solar work?

The first step is for a solar farm developer to build a solar project within your utility zone. Once a developer designates a solar farm as a community solar project the next step is to identify individuals and businesses that wish to subscribe to a portion of the project. Note that the power generated by a community solar farm is not sent to the subscribers or any specific electric user. It is sent directly to the local power grid. The benefit is that the power that is generated replaces power that would normally have to be generated using fossil fuels. The end result is clean renewable energy replaces greenhouse-gas emitting power plants.

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar, also referred to as “shared solar,” is perhaps the most democratic solar program currently available in that is allows everyone - residents (homeowners and renters alike), businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions, etc. - to participate without having to install or maintain anything on their rooftop. When you subscribe to a community solar farm you receive solar bill credits that help reduce the cost of your electricity. Community solar is not only convenient, it allows subscribers to save on energy costs while also supporting local jobs and economic development.