The Evil Empire Finds Religion

Published December 20, 2021

Need more evidence that renewable energy’s day has finally arrived?

Koch industries, a company primarily associated with various oil and gas endeavors has just acquired DEPCOM, one of the largest utility-scale engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies in the U.S.

DEPCOM will now be part of Koch Engineered Solutions (KES). And don’t for a minute think KES made the acquisition for altruistic reasons. It has, and will always be, about the Benjamins.

KES said its entry into the renewables sector was down to the “cost-competitiveness of utility-scale solar on an unsubsidized basis”, which meant it was becoming an “increasingly significant part of the generation mix”.

That’s good news for all “true believers.” It means that renewable energy represents tomorrow’s profit opportunity and that will translate into all those evil fossil fuel companies doing more than making PR announcement regarding their commitment toward climate change.

The end result is that a major obstacle (big oil) is becoming an ally, and that’s a major step forward in the effort to reduce carbon emissions. Type your paragraph here.